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Perhaps I have mentioned this before, but I think that tapas are pretty cool. I mean, bite-sized portions of all things weird and wonderful, delicious, and extraordinary? Sure, sometimes they’re a little pricy, but see them as food with a twist, food that offers adventure and experience. Something out of the ordinary. And, hey, as a foodie, what more could you want?

So when I had the opportunity to join friends for dinner at Fork, a tapas restaurant in the heart of the city, I was pretty excited. I’d walked past a million times but never had the chance to go before (except once for a lunchtime coffee, but that doesn’t count). Fork offers a very simple interior design, with an upstairs and downstairs section, a few tables, and a couch area – which I obviously went for.

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Their menu is conveniently divided into price categories – ‘Forty-Five Rand’, ‘Fifty Rand’, ‘Fifty-Five Rand’, ‘Sixty Rand’, and, sneakily at the bottom, ‘Thirty Rand’. I thought that was a pretty great way to divide the menu, though I did find that all the really yummy stuff was in the ‘Sixty Rand’ section. The lovely waitress informed us that generally people order about three tapas each, which are brought out in stages and different pairings. So we ordered some wine to start with and took our time browsing through everything on offer.

The nice thing about tapas is that you can eat a little bit of everything – though this might also be a bad thing because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want everything! Nonetheless, a few things stood out and we ordered our feast – parsley and orange salad, puff pastry parcels with mushrooms, wasabi salmon, beef fillet on croutons, ostrich fillet, and, for dessert, white chocolate mousse.

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And, wow, what a feast it was! Everything was absolutely delicious, and the portions were just big enough to leave you satisfied with one taste and excited to try another (though we did have two portions of the ostrich and beef fillet). Three tapas each was definitely enough to satiate, plus the white chocolate mousse added that spectacular finishing touch!

I was slightly caught off guard when the bill came – guess I was too happy ordering to really check the prices – but, at the end of it, it really was worth it and I’d definitely go back!

For your tapa experience, check out Fork at 84 Long Street, online, or give them a call on +27 21 424 6334.

I Love Foodies will be back soon with more munching adventures!

With love, eternal.

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Written by Benike Palfi

Review Date: April 2015

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